Rov Pilot

Subsea Vortex provides integrated testing and repairs of all ROV ancillary equipment , assemble and install new build ROV control systems, provides technical support to the offshore systems, Interface additional equipment to the offshore systems, provides mobilization of ROV systems and produces Safety policies and report and procedures for operation


Subsea Vortex is committed to eliminating  waste of whatever form, suggest the use of more environmentally friendly substances and practices and contribute to the continuous improvement of the environment.



Subsea Vortex provides competent qualified ROV technicians who can be responsible for piloting the ROV, implementation and monitoring of technical procedures and reporting, work management and execution of ROV Operations.

Subsea Vortex carries out  inspections and check on the ROV system prior to any dive and to log any unscheduled events or technical faults according to pre-established procedures.
Subsea Vortex can assist in the Launch and Recovery of the ROV.

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