Offshore survey and construction

Subsea Vortex has extensive knowledge in the application of advanced theories in offshore survey.

Subsea Vortex has the ability to assess and manage subsea and pipeline systems integrity, ultimately responsible for safeguarding vital Subsea structures, Pipelines & Cables assets from third party marine threats and for safely managing marine activities.

subsea2                          offshore survey

Subsea Vortex can maintain your subsea and pipeline integrity and ensure continued availability with no unplanned outages.

Subsea Vortex can also develop, coordinate and implement an integrity management programs, developing guidelines, oversees implementations of quality management system.

Subsea Vortex has the ability to maintain full technical responsibility for interpreting, organizing, executing, and coordinating offshore survey projects.

here are some of the areas SubseaES has most expertise:

  • Offshore survey specification and soil data interpretation from geotechnical site investigation reports
  • Foundation design – Mudmat, Driven pile, Suction Pile
  • Pile drivability and in-place fatigue assessment
  • Mudmat bearing/sliding capacity, settlement, skirt penetration.
  • General geotechnical investigation.
  • Geotechnical investigations for offshore pipeline
  • Installations in shallow and deep waters
  •  Pipe-Soil Interaction modelling

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