Asset Integrity and Inspections


assert integrity and maintenance


Subsea Vortex is a world class, knowledge-based asset integrity Management Company dedicated to providing seamless performance to corporations in the Oil & Gas and subsea industries.

The Subsea Vortex Asset Integrity Engineer is responsible for the safe, efficient and profitable execution of integrity engineering support.

Key Responsibilities:
To prepare, enact, monitor, and verify the integrity management systems for the area of responsibility.
To explain to others the importance of enacting the integrity management systems.
To take a leading role in ensuring that within the area and field of responsibility, asset integrity is not compromised.
To ensure a minimisation of integrity risks in terms of safety, environmental, economics, and operations.
To support other personnel in their statutory and regulatory responsibilities,where appopriate.
To introduce a proactive and not a reactive approach to improve asset integrity management.
To coordinate activities with technical authorities.
To be aware of the integrity history both within both within and out with the area of responsibility.
To coordinate strategy implementation.
To decide appropriate & cost effective improvements or remedial actuions and ensures appropriate actions and implemented.



Asset Integrity, Maintenance and Reliability Engineering

  • Conduct constructability and maintainability reviews
  • Establish maintenance strategy
  • Reliability and Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Analysis
  • Development of Maintenance Philosophy and Strategy
  • Development of SCE Performance Standards
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • Structural modelling including FEA
  • Weight control
  • Blast and explosion protection
  • Material selection and corrosion control
  • Structural design reviews

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