Subsea surveyors and data analysts

Subsea Vortex (Subsea Engineering Solution Ltd) has world-class team of highly qualified surveyors and data analysts consistently produces Geophysical, geotechnical, and metocean data used for many critical tasks including pre-engineering design for surface and subsea structures; jacket and jack-up rig installation; route surveys; geohazard and site surveys; environmental baseline surveys; and port and harbor development planning. Using conventionally deployed survey equipment, ROV deployed equipment, and AUVs we collect data to help define site characteristics, identify hazards, and reduce the uncertainties associated with onshore and offshore developments.

Subsea Vortex’s wide range of precise marine survey data includes multi-beam bathymetry, side-scan sonar, magnetometer, shallow seismic, ground truthing using seabed sampling equipment (vibrocores, piston cores), and geotechnical in situ testing such as cone penetrometer (CPT). All geophysical data is compiled and cross-referenced to geotechnical sample data with the final results combined in a single report. Final charting can be produced on the offshore survey vessel or at our dedicated worldwide processing centers, depending on client needs. The results are presented in a concise and consolidated survey report, with charts backed up by quality standards independently certified under ISO 9001:2008.

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Pipeline inspection


Subsea Inspection

Inspection, Maintenance and Repair(IRM)Inspection , repair and maintenance (IRM) are key to optimizing production through the lifecycle of a field. As inspection requirements become more stringent, Subsea Vortex?calls on the latest technology and techniques and employs experienced and industry-qualified personnel to provide complete survey and inspection services, either directly to field operator asset-management teams or as part of major contracting companies? life-of-field infrastructure.Online navigation systems and dedicated inspection packages interface with and provide data to third-party inspection and asset integrity management software, such as VISUALSOFT. We are well-equipped to provide project management, combined with thorough analysis and planning. Subsea Vortex is prepared to respond and deploy equipment and personnel, including qualified inspection engineers (3.3U and 3.4U), to meet all inspection requirements.Key Subsea Vortex?inspection services include structural inspection, visual and acoustic pipeline inspection (ROV, ROTV and AUV), survey and data processing support, and reporting and analysis.Subsea Vortex Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IRM) scope covers a wide range of services such as:
Installation of sacrificial anodes on platform jackets and bracings utilizing both air and saturation diving operations.
Installation of tie-ins; Assistance in laying of cables and pipe
Riser repair
Maintenance & repair of permanent offshore structures
Repair of underwater Oil and Gas Pipelines.
Subsea Vortex (Subsea Engineering Solution Ltd) has a catalogue of experiences on NDT inspection and remedial interventions for Offshore Installations.Non-Destructive Testing
Cathodic Potential Measurement(CPM)
Magnetic Particle Inspection(MPI)
Flood Member Detection(FMD)
Digital Wall Thickness Measurement (WTM)
Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement (UT)
Alternating Current Field Measurement(ACFM).
Engineering Design and Fabrication (Onshore and Offshore) Subsea Vortex (Subsea Engineering Solution Ltd) provides Engineering Services for the Onshore, Offshore and Subsea Markets. Subsea-Vortex?provides Engineering Services?from small studies to large detailed design projects. Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) develops from a basic engineering package to a project package suitable for use as the basis for detailed design. The FEED will also provide cost estimation (+/- 20%). Typical deliverable of FEED which will allow a decision to proceed with capital investment can be made:

  • Preparation of project equipment specifications
  • Preparations of major instrument & electrical datasheets such as, flow meters, choke valves and ESV
  • Development of Piping and Instrument diagrams and control philosophy
  • Development of Plant layout, including equipment location, pipe routing, walk ways etc.
  • Structural design (Topside and Subsea)
  • Design Reviews (HAZID, ENVID, HAZOP, RAM)
  • Procurement activities for major equipment items and long lead items

Following on from FEED, Subsea Vortex can provide detailed design services which consist of developing the FEED into physical asset that achieves the detailed requirement of the project. Below are the typical deliverable of detailed design:

  • Finalisation of Piping and instrument Diagram for construction release
  • Preparation of piping isometrics for constriction including stress analysis
  • Preparation of power and control deliverables
  • Preparation of Power distribution and control systems for construction
  • Preparation of Civil/Structural construction drawings
  • Development of commissioning and operation documents
  • Technical support
  • Procurement of all equipment items


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Project Management
Subsea Vortex (Subsea Engineering Solution Ltd)’s Project Management resources are available for internal or external projects, for the global oil & gas industry, for process plants, production platforms, and subsea projects.

Subsea Vortex has experience in supplying management to external projects, for execution in-house or onsite, follow-up and verification of main component vendors, for production platforms, FPSOs and Land Terminals for the oil & gas industry.

Subsea Vortex has competence within management of multi discipline projects, and projects related to Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Hydraulics, Shutdown & IWOCS systems.

Subsea Vortex develops solutions that optimise the outcome for the project, using our worldwide experience in offshore operations. ?We routinely undertake naval architecture, structural engineering, mechanical design and operations, and engineering across a broad range of applications.

Our proven track record in the design, development and application of engineered solutions provides clients with reduced project risk, productivity gains and significant enhancements in safety performance.

Subsea Vortex provides comprehensive consultancy for front-end engineering, feasibility studies, concept development, design, installation and removal of offshore and marine structures.

Subsea Vortex management are dedicated to working in integrated project teams, and to take on the responsibilities required for the different positions, including QHSE issues, planning, progress monitoring and reporting, cost and financial reporting and technical compliance with relevant regulations, standards and project requirements.

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